Stick Archers Battle Unblocked

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Stick Archers Battle is a fun game of archery. The gamer needs to kill the opponent with a bow and arrows. The flying birds will help to deliver the arrow. Besides, the gamer needs to choose the right angle to shot. Otherwise, the arrow will fly away. The arrows can also stick in various obstacles.

There are five rounds in every game. The person who wins all five rounds will become a winner. Every battle is taken place in different location. According to this, the gamer can stand on the same level as the opponent, either higher or lower. The controls here are simple. The gamer can press the button W or the up arrow. Of course, it takes time to put the arrow in a bow. One can’t shoot like a machine gun.

The problem appears when the gamer stands lower. There can also be obstacles. They will prompt to make a direct shot. Here, the gamer needs to shoot at the flying bird, and the arrow will be delivered. It is also important what part of the body the gamer shoots.

The traditional hit will take 25% of health. The direct shot can take 50% of health. If the gamer hits the head, it will take 100% of the health. So, it is possible to hit the opponent with one exact shot. Birds can influence the arrow with different strength. It is better to shoot directly to the enemy.

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