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FNAF Web is a web version of the popular computer game Five Nights at Freddy's, in which the player has to take on the role of a nightguard hunted by animatronic toys. This game belongs to the survival horror genre.

During the game, you have to survive the night. In order to stay alive, you need to constantly monitor your tablet from which images are broadcast from all over the building. In the process of monitoring, the toys will slowly approach you, and at some point, you need to close all the doors to yourself and stay alive.

The game has simple controls. The whole game you will sit in one place with the ability to only switch cameras and close doors. Camera images will constantly glitch, which will add extra tension to your game.

It is possible to change the difficulty level if it is too easy or too difficult for you to complete the game. The choice is given: easy, normal, hard, impossible. The difficulty level determines how quickly you will run out of electricity and how quickly the evil toys will approach you. If you lose, a screamer with one of the animatronic toys will be waiting for you, in the opposite situation, your hero will survive the night and the game will continue. FNAF Web is perfect for fans of horror and survival games.

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