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There is No Game - a short and very funny browser pixel game, which you can still try to play against voice-over admonitions, using curiosity, resourcefulness and a computer mouse. Voice-over repeatedly hints that it is better to turn around and leave, to do absolutely nothing here, and then at all interferes, closes buttons and forces to solve riddles.

There is No Game begins with a screen saver where you have to interface with the title, initially you need to prove the speaker is wrong, and then he asks for help from you. After that, you quickly dive into the solution of many interesting puzzles, accompanied by a fairly intriguing story that makes you want to know what is going to happen next.

There is No Game really unusual puzzle. You solve a lot of fascinating tasks, which sometimes you need to think about them well. Although the narrator convinces us that it is not a game, but he himself gives small clues, unwittingly leads to the solution of the puzzle, as in the beginning he says that you should not touch the title, especially the letter "o", that hints at the solution of the task. There are two endings to the game. Go through the various challenges while the narrator tries to convince you that there is no game. Save the goat, save the world!

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