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Survive waves of monster enemies in this Temple of Boom game. Take a walk through ancient temples filled with armed monsters. Pick up mighty weapons and shoot temple guards. But don't undermine their training!

Clear out the temple alone, or take your friend to help you. Choose between single or two-players options, respectively. If you want to go through the whole journey and take up all three temples, click the Campaign button. Or click the Endless button to play a never-ending session.

A mouse is not needed to play Temple of Boom. The first player uses left and right arrows to move, while the second one uses A and D buttons. Go through the screen borders to get to the opposite side of the Temple of Boom. It's handy, bullets will change their direction, when flying behind the borders. But be careful, enemies know the trick too!

Up arrow or W button to jump, down arrow or S to pick up weapons. When you obtain a new weapon from a chest, it appears in the top left corner of the screen. Press X, if you play alone, or V and L, if you play with a friend, to change weapons.

To shoot, press Z. When playing in team, press C and K to fire. Keep an eye on ammo, it's finite! After killing an enemy, it leaves ammo on the floor for you to pick up.

Fight 8 waves of enemies to progress and go to the next temple. There are 3 temples, ranging in difficulty and number of enemies.

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