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Love cube-style games like Minecraft and its parodies. Then we invite you to play the new Blockpost Unblocked shooter. This is an interesting game with well-designed details, where you can relax and unwind a little. At the same time, it does not need to be installed, but you can start right in the browser.

What is waiting for you?

Blockpost is an interesting game based on famous shooters. This is a kind of browser-based CS:GO that works without installation and the need for a powerful computer. Everything is extremely simple, understandable and as convenient as possible.

Therefore, if you like shooters, then go and play Blockpost will be a good solution.

How to play?

In order to start playing well, you need some complex manipulations. It is enough to enter the game, press the “Play” button and start the battle.

For control, the WASD keys are used as standard, as well as the “Space” for jumping. Additionally, there are separate hotkeys, for example, B for entering the store and buying weapons, as well as others. You can learn more about them in the game settings, as well as from the prompts on the screen during the battle itself.

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