4th of July Baseball Unblocked

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4th of July Baseball is a very cute and funny baseball game. Your team consists of a variety of foods, and you play each time for a different character, and the team of opponents is a peanut. You have to hit the ball! You also have great support in the game - it is your fans. They always applaud loudly when you hit the ball, and if you miss and don’t hit the ball, they get upset.

4th of July Baseball has the easiest possible control: Left-click on the baseball bat to hit the ball. Pay attention! The players are different, and their pitches are different. For a total of six, you can distinguish them by the colour of their baseball caps (white, green, blue, purple, yellow and red). Each pitcher has his own favourite serve. You can miss a maximum of two balls, your third mistake will be final, and you’re out! But do not start worrying, you can always start the game over.

4th of July Baseball has a wonderful soundtrack that perfectly captures the atmosphere of a baseball game. If you’re a baseball fan, this game is definitely for you, and if you’re not, this game will definitely not leave you indifferent. Light gameplay, fun animation, cute characters, eat support to your passionate fans and all that awaits you in this game!

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