Stickman Dismount Unblocked

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Ever wanted to see how the human body behaves when it collides with an object? You should definitely try Stickman Dismount Unblocked. The game contains a set of features and capabilities to implement interesting human falls.

In general, this game globally does not have any purpose, the game reveals the fantasies of a person. You have a model of a person at your disposal (and also various vehicles that you can choose, but you can also try playing without a vehicle) and you need to make the most spectacular fall with his participation. You choose the initial pose of the person, if you want, choose the transport and the pose of the person on it and press "START". Then your person will begin to fall during which the person will be injured. Your task is for this person to receive the maximum number of injuries, which will then be converted into points, and then you will receive coins for the round.

These coins can be spent on various types of transport from which your character will start the fall. There are 11 types of transport in the game (from a shopping cart to a bulldozer). You can also spend coins on the maps you will play on. The game has 20 maps, each of which is individual and provides a unique gaming experience.

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