Stickman Epic Battle Unblocked

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Do you want to feel like a knight capturing castles, but modern AAA projects do not work on a computer? Then a good solution would be to get a little distracted in the excellent platformer Stickman Epic Battle. This is an interesting game that allows you to forget about what is happening and immerse yourself. And most importantly, it works directly from the browser, and does not require additional installation.

What is waiting for you?

You have to fight enemies for your castle. The gameplay of the game is extremely simple, but at the same time, the battle with enemies itself is addictive and the time in the game flies by as unnoticed as possible.

Therefore arm yourself with your first spear and start your war. In the future, you can further develop your character, buy new weapons and armor, which will be an additional bonus.

How to play?

It's as simple as possible to play. Your task is to defeat enemies with weapons that are thrown at them according to the principles of the cult game Angry Birds. Therefore, for those who have encountered it, it will be as easy as possible to adapt and start the game.

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