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Parkour Race is an exciting multiplayer browser online speed game. In this game, you play a tracer, run around skyscrapers, and compete with other players. The game has 100 levels, and in order to progress to the next level, you need to finish the previous one by getting first place. In addition, after every race, you earn coins. Game mechanics are simple: you can only control the tracer left or right (Press A/D or left/right)

The Parkour Race has a daily race, which is available for free once a day, then for coins. There is also a shop in the game where you can buy new cool skins, effects or stickers for your tracer for the coins that you have earned in the races, but some skins can only be obtained through daily races. Parkour Race is definitely a fascinating game in addition which of course has an energetic soundtrack!

When playing Parkour Race you should be careful, if you fall, you will be thrown a little back from the crash site, and you will continue from there, but if you are lucky and fall near the skyscraper, you can try to grab it and easily climb back to the roof and continue the race. The game has platforms to speed up and a variety of tracks. You have to choose the shortest way to win! Good luck!

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