The Little Giant Unblocked

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Tle Little Giant is a minimalistic game is done for relaxing. The gamer is running a small cube. The main task is to collect coins and get the portal. The task is difficult because there are always obstacles on the way. They will be going to kill the character.

Each level is unique with unique locations of obstacles. Nevertheless, the main atmosphere remains the same. It looks like the cation takes place somewhere in outer space. There are different machines and bulbs on each level. There are some wheels with sharp edges.

The character is controlled with the arrows. Left and right arrows will move it in a certain direction. Pressing up the character will jump. The gamer can use the combination of arrows left, right and up to jump towards a necessary direction. Some levels don’t have coins. The main aim there to avoid obstacles.

With every level the game is becoming more and more difficult. The number of obstacles is increasing. There appear moving platforms. The gamer needs to jump from one platform to another avoiding different hindrances. Besides, it is important not to forget about collecting coins. Without them the portal won’t be opened. If it happens, the gamer needs to go back to look for the missing coin.

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