A Small World Cup Unblocked

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Score a goal, if you can! Try to win a 7-round football game by controlling a small player character. Choose under which flag you are going to play. Each new round, you are opposed by a new randomly selected country.

Click "Run game" to play A Small World Cup. In the main menu, click the Mode button to change the game mode. Score as many goals as you can in 95 seconds match in the World Cup mode. Or choose the Golden Goal mode, where just one goal is enough to win... or lose! Want to practice? Select the Practice mode!

If you think normal difficulty isn't for you, change it to easy or hard by clicking on the Difficulty button. After you've made your choices, select the flag of the country you want to play for. The game will randomly choose an opponent.

Use the mouse to control your player. While holding the Left Mouse Button, move the mouse along the desired direction and power, then release to make the player accelerate in this way. The farther you move the mouse, the faster the character moves!

In the Settings, decide between direct and slingshot controls. The direct option is the default, while the slingshot option makes the player move the opposite way the mouse moves. Also, you can choose a match duration of 45 or 90 seconds. Turn sound and vibration on to get more fun!

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