Unicycle Hero Unblocked

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Unicycle Hero Unblocked is a sports arcade game with small elements of RPG elements and character leveling. You practice and your skills grow, the character gets better every time. Practice in various sports, get points, and improve some of the characteristics of your athlete.

In the game Unicycle Hero, you are given many different sports (from javelin throwing to shot throwing). You will have to pass these tests on a unicycle, where you need to constantly keep your balance so as not to fall and not lose the round. Keeping balance is hard, it takes practice and you have to get through it in order to win competitions in all sports.

The points that you accumulate during the practice can be spent not only on pumping characteristics (strength, endurance, and speed) but also on the appearance of an athlete (which is very expensive and for this, you will have to seriously confuse and show your real skill) to whom you manage.

If you like simple management, if you like to upgrade your character and pass difficult tests, then this game will suit you 100%. Unicycle Hero is a fun, addictive, and just very well-balanced game where time passes by unnoticed, it's a game you can just play in your browser, it doesn't require anything else.

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