Let's Roll Unblocked

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Let's Roll Unblocked is a classic runner where the player has to control the ball and try not to fall down and die. Let's Roll is a huge track with a lot of obstacles that the player needs to overcome in order to get to the end. Periodically, the player will encounter checkpoints where the game is saved. If you die, the game will start from the last checkpoint and you can continue playing (you have unlimited lives, unlimited attempts to complete this track). You can also load specific checkpoints from the main menu of the game, so you can replay interesting moments and collect points that you could not collect during the previous attempt.

In the process of passing the track, you need to collect coins. These coins can then be spent in the game store. Coins can be spent on new sneaks for your ball. It is important to clarify that some balls cannot simply be bought with coins, the player will need to complete a special challenge in order to get specific rare skins (for example, reach the tenth checkpoint).

Let's Roll is getting progressively more difficult. You will meet more and more difficult trials and obstacles along the way. There are 25 checkpoints in total in the game and it will be a long and hard journey to the end of the track.

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