Bottle Flip 3D Unblocked

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Show your skill in the Bottle Flip 3D! Flip through levels to the end platform and earn gold coins. Unlock new bottles and use animated objects to land on. With each new level, there are more challenging spots. Sometimes the way to the finish isn't straight forward!

The game only requires mouse and quick reflexes to play. Flip the bottle using the Left Mouse Button. The bottle should land on objects like shelves and tables. You lose when the bottle falls on the floor. The distance between objects can be too great, so use the double flip! Click a second time while the bottle is in the air.

There are different types of objects. Blue frames are slipping to the right when the bottle touches them, while the brown ones are slipping to the left. Some objects boost a flip, like a trampoline. If you land on an object's edge, act fast, since the bottle can fall down from it!

Unlock bottle skins for coins or slots. There are also mugs, cups and even a large water cooler bottle! To do that, click on the blue button beneath the pointing hand. In the opened menu, choose a skin, press on the green price label and click again to play. You can see how much coins you have by looking at the left top corner of the screen near the Home Button.

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