Sniper Shot: Bullet Time Unblocked

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Become a professional sniper in Sniper Shot: Bullet Time. This game is not quite a classic shooter.

The most important feature of this game is thoughtful physics and a developed ballistic model. When fired, the bullet reacts as realistically as possible to external factors, and also realistically hits the enemy. The player has a sniper rifle (because you will need to play as a sniper who opposes superior enemy forces), with this weapon you can hit the target with one shot, but what kind of shot it will be (and in what part of the body) it is up to the player to decide.

When a bullet hits the enemy's body, x-ray mode is activated. This mode shows the player what kind of injury he inflicted on the enemy with a shot. The detailing of the insides of the enemy is amazing. Realistic bullet hitting the body and realistic deformation of some of its parts. It looks natural and is perfect for an action game about a sniper.

Do not forget about the attentiveness of opponents in Sniper Shot: Bullet Time game. If they see the player, they will immediately open fire. You need to act stealthily, otherwise, you will have to dodge bullets and think of a different strategy that will allow you to complete the round and not die from a bullet.

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