Tower Defense Unblocked

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This game is a tactical strategy where the player needs to think through every move. Opponents constantly attack you and build the necessary defenses to contain their forces!

Thirty levels are available to the player to complete the Tower Defense game, each of which is a rather difficult test for the mind. Before starting each level, the player will have a choice in front of several difficulty levels (Easy, Hard, and Expert), you should carefully approach the choice and adequately assess the skill before starting the game.

During the game itself, the player will be constantly attacked by waves of opponents (which just need to be contained, this is the goal of the game). To stop the enemy, use different types of defensive towers. Each type of these towers has unique abilities and will help you deal with the enemy in different ways. The player has several areas to build (usually four or five) and four types of defensive towers (one that shoots arrows, one that releases a squad of defenders, one that shoots magic balls, and a bomber tower). During the game, they can be improved using points that are given during the game.

In addition to the main gameplay component in the Tower Defense game, it is possible to passively upgrade towers from the main menu, gradually increasing their damage (for coins, if you don’t have enough, then you can donate a little and get the coins you need for upgrades).

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