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You can create your own server or join an existing one in the online game Cartoon Strike. This is a network game and players around the world can take part in it. It is designed for both personal computers and mobile devices. Design of locations in the game is made at the highest level. Its graphics are also excellent.

Here you choose the character you will control during the game. The game is to defeat as many opponents as possible.

Up to 16 players can fight at the same time on one location. The game features 6 different maps that you can navigate. Arsenal of weapons is very large, you can use in the fight against the enemies of various weapons from a small gun to a huge machine gun. The game gives you the opportunity to choose the perfect combination of weapons and feel like a sniper.

Create a team with your friends and fight together against opponents. You can discuss your actions and plans via in-game chat. Despite the fact that the game is a team character, you still have to rely only on yourself and carefully think through every move. Your teammates can sometimes let you down, and then the outcome of the battle will depend on you.

You can control your character using the keyboard.

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