Good Guys vs Bad Boys Unblocked

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Good Guys vs Bad Boys is a multiplayer online game in which each player can choose which guy he wants to play - good or bad. You can also create your own rooms, specify the number of players to the team, choose weapons, and set the time period during which you need to complete the mission.

In order to achieve the goal of the game and defeat the opposing team, you need to have the ability to develop a strategy, quickly navigate in space and fast make team decisions. Also, the abilities to shoot, quickly change location, ambush hide in safe places so that the enemy does not notice you are useful.

All available firearms can be used in the game. Create teams with your friends and start multiplayer to already created teams of bad or good guys. You can choose from 15 locations as a battlefield and you find yourself in the appropriate area. Weapons or knives are available to fight. Communicate with your teammates via chat, discuss options for attacks and make decisions that will help defeat the opposing team. But remember that they are also armed and can fight back or attack you.

Control the movement of players is carried out using the keyboard. The winner of the game is the team that will kill more opponents and score more points.

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