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If you are ready to become a cool basketball player, but do not dare to do it in real life, then start with the game Basketball IO. Here you can demonstrate your skills to players from all over the world.

At the initial stage of the game you will have only one basketball player in the team, owning a single ball and playing on the same playground. You have to perform tasks, replenish the collection of gold stars and successfully move through the game. Only in this case you will get access to more players and new items. This will make your game diverse and interesting.

You will go through a training level before proceeding directly to the game. This will help you understand its principles and rules. Control the player so that he ran to the line and then threw the ball into the basket. At the same time, make sure that the basketball players from the opposite team do not get ahead of you. They will also try to stop you and take the ball away from you. Your task is to prevent their attacks and protect all the players of your team. Success depends only on your speed and agility. However, remember that the number of balls thrown by each player is summed up and not one player wins, but the whole team. Just like in real basketball!

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