Combat Online Unblocked

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Combat Online Unblocked is a multiplayer online game that allows you to fight against opponents and find out who shoots better. You can play with friends, or connect to the server and fight online with players from different parts of the planet. It does not need to download, and you can play online for free.

Each player can choose from a huge arsenal of weapons and you can use any of them at your discretion. Machine guns, rocket launchers, pistols - all this and many other things you can use in the fight against the opponent. Battles are made in different locations depending on what map you choose.

The situation of the game looks very realistic due to the fact that it is created in 3-D graphics. You can play for the red or blue team. Invite your friends to the game and make your own cards with them. Move around the perimeter and find more weapons available. Shoot your opponents and eliminate them one by one, it will bring your team points and move you closer to victory.

Choose teammates and create a team, select location and weapons, think over your actions and shoot accurately at opponents - do everything possible to earn the maximum number of points and win.

You can control the characters using the keyboard and mouse.

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