Superhero IO Unblocked

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The game Superhero IO will allow you to plunge into the world of comics and to feel as one of their characters. Here you will fight with other marvel heroes. You will find a fascinating and exciting battle for victory.

The game has several levels. In the first level you will be a hero Captain America. With each subsequent level you have the opportunity to improve the hero. This can be done by collecting grains of different colors, as well as defeating numerous enemies. Your weapon in the fight against enemies will be a sword. It is with its help you will defeat opponents and successfully move from level to level. The higher the level, the longer your sword becomes. In the second level, the hero will change to Iron Man. With each new level you will find a new superhero. However, remember that not all of them will be open and accessible. You will have to try very hard to get a specific character.

Be careful, because not only you can attack enemies, but they can also attack you. The game takes place online in real time. This helps to feel the realism of the game events. You have to successfully defeat all your opponents. Only in this case you will be able to take a leading position in the top list.

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