Geometry Dash Classic Unblocked

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The game Geometry Dash Classic can be played both on mobile devices and on a personal computer. The meaning of the game is to successfully overcome the numerous obstacles of each level.

There are21 levels in the game, but not all of them are open for passage. 3 levels become available only after the player has earned a certain amount of secret coins in the previous levels. Players can also create their own additional levels and share them with other players.

The player must pass the obstacle course to successfully complete each level, taking one of the many forms. Each form has its own trajectory. Each level corresponds to a certain musical electronic accompaniment.

You can control the player by pressing a button or by touching the touch screen. If a player touches an obstacle, he begins the passage of the level again. However, you can set save points, and in case of contact with an obstacle, you will begin the passage of the level from this point.

Obstacles in the levels are presented not only in the form of projections, but also it can be trampolines, hanging spheres and a variety of portals that can prevent the successful passage of the level by changing the shape of the character or the speed of his movement.

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