Mr Bullet Online Unblocked

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Can you shoot straight? If not, you can practice doing it with the game Mr. Bullet online. Act as the main character of the game and make well - aimed shots at your main enemy-nimble and evasive ninja.

You can change locations, collect bonuses, run and jump throughout the game. Do everything to defeat the enemies and not to fall under their attack. Carefully monitor the ninja, because they are very cunning and can disguise them. Your task is to destroy each of them by well-aimed shot. For each killed enemy you get points. You need to collect it as many as possible.

Go out to patrol the streets every day to destroy all the ninjas and thus free the city from them. It's not as easy as it may seem, because they can resist. However, you should be nimble, and most importantly a marksman to defeat all the ninjas and earn maximum points.

Be careful when shooting, because the number of rounds is limited and you cannot shoot at enemies endlessly. Information about the number of spent cartridges from the allowable number is displayed at the top of the screen.

The game has a red laser line, which will help you aim as accurately as possible. There may be situations that stand between you and the enemy obstacle in the form of a wall.

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