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The goal of this game is to score as many points as possible before the allotted time expires. Start cleaning you will be in a small room, where with the help of a vacuum cleaner will clean small items. As the level increases, your opportunities will grow. You will be able to suck very large objects: ships, buildings and more. Cleanup IO is multiplayer and before each player is the task to beat his opponent by the number of points scored. You have to suck as many items as possible in 2 minutes and thus you will win this game. You can control the direction of the vacuum cleaner by using the mouse cursor.

The game is very simple, fun and helps to escape from everyday problems. Start cleaning the city, vacuuming small items, and you will open up even more opportunities. Clear the city of cars, buildings and other things. The more items you suck in, the more new ones appear in the city. The more items you suck in, the bigger you become and can eventually clear the entire city map. However, do not forget that the allotted time for cleaning is limited. Act quickly and confidently to achieve your goal.

You can play alone or find companions in an online game. To score as many points as possible, create a team with your friends.

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