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The goal of Snowball IO is to make a large lump of snow with the help of the bulldozer, and using it to push all opponents out of the playing field.

The player has the opportunity to choose different colors of cars. The game is quite easy to control. Player moves with bulldozer through the snow and makes a snowball. Then he tries with its help to push the enemy. However, there is a possibility that he will fall, but still remain inside the playing field. Bulldozer control is carried out by finger movement on the screen. Which way you point your finger, the same way the bulldozer moves. As soon as you remove your finger from the screen, it stops, and the snowball continues to roll until it hits the enemy.

Try to make the lump as large as possible. This will increase the chances that it will touch the enemy and push him out of the playing field. However, remember that in this case your bulldozer also increases in size and becomes clumsier. During the game, the piece of ice on which its actions take place disintegrates. Be careful not to get into the danger zone and fail. Those parts of the ice field that will soon sink are marked in red.

This is a very simple game and you will quickly understand how to play.

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