Clash of Armour Unblocked

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Clash of Armour is a multiplayer online game, which can take part in players from around the world. It takes place in real time. Each player must defeat his opponents. To do this, you need to study all the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy and act with this in mind. Only this way you can win.

The game provides you with a unique opportunity to demonstrate your strategic and tactical skills. Before you start playing, you need to choose a tank that you will control, and enter your nickname. Thus, it will be visible to other participants in the game. After all the preliminary actions are completed, you find yourself on the field where the battle will take place. Remember that you will fight with your opponent. So take your time and think carefully about each move.

Your tank is on the left side of the monitor, and the tank opposite is the opponent. You have the opportunity to choose one of eight tanks with different characteristics. This will help you to make an attack on the opponent. To choose which tank you want to attack, you should wait for the moment when the scale at the bottom of the screen is filled to the number that corresponds to this tank. If you defeat the opponent's battle tower, you will win the battle.

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