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Do you like challenges? If you are ready for them and think that you can handle it, then feel free to launch the Super Fowlst game. Here you will find a set of levels, each of which is a combination of platforming and fighting with opponents.

You have only two control buttons. With just these two buttons, you have to take on challenging platforming aims and win every fight that comes your way. You can only move left and right. With each movement to the side, you will fly up a little. You need to learn how to catch some balance in management in order to cope with the tasks without constant errors.

You will need to fight unusual creatures that will shoot white energy at you. You need to face them (directly crash into them) to defeat them. When the enemy is defeated, you will get a small reward, namely coins. Coins can be spent on the menu for some things. This leads to the next element of the game.

Super Fowlst has an extensive character leveling system. You can improve various characteristics that will help you more easily pass more and more new tests. If you do not want to spend money on upgrades, you can look into the skin's store. There are a lot of variations of different skins to choose from that will appeal to every player.

Super Fowlst is a great way to spend an evening. The gameplay in this game is really addictive and it is very difficult to tear yourself away from passing these tests and fighting in interesting and varied battles.

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