Duck Life Unblocked

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The essence of the game is that a huge tornado destroyed your entire farm, leaving only one duck egg intact. The player will have to raise and train his duck to make a growing racing duck and earn some money from it to build a new farm.

Duck Life Unblocked is a mixture of various casual and management games. You will train your duck by running, swimming, and flying. Over time, the level of endurance of your duck will grow and you will be able to participate in competitions. Winning the competition will depend on your duck's endurance level.

Duck training is a mini-game where you have to press several buttons (in the running challenge, the player only needs to press one button, in the other challenges, two - up and down). You are required to dodge obstacles and collect coins. The further you go through the test, the more difficult it will become. You need to collect coins so that your duck can continue the challenge and so you can earn more coins and more experience for your duck.

By completing challenges, you will earn coins that can be spent in the shop. You can buy a hat or a new color for your duck. A total of 5 hats and 10 colors for your duck are available in the store. Duck Life is perfect for the whole family because its gameplay is not difficult, but exciting.

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