Mine Blocks Unblocked

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Mine Blocks Unblocked is a famous fan game based on the popular computer game Minecraft. This game was developed for the Flash platform, but the html5 version of the game was later created.

The game is a mixture of genres. This is a 2D platformer combined with construction and various elements of survival (by the type of limited health; consumable elements of armor and weapons, as well as the mechanics of character hunger, which directly affects the gameplay). Separately, it is worth highlighting the craft and crafting elements, which are made in the best traditions of the original Minecraft game.

Among other things, there are various biomes (where various animals live, some of which can even be tamed) in which the player will visit; various types of weapons that you can craft yourself; a large number of opponents that will stand in your way in the adventure; random generation of the world and locations, which gives the game a huge potential for replayability.

It is also worth noting the presence of a creative mode in which the player is not limited in resources and he (she) is free to create whatever he wants on any scale. In Mine Blocks, you can also use various commands and cheats that will give you special opportunities to realize your fantasies in the game's gameplay. All this is necessary in order to distract from survival in the main game mode.

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