Raft Wars 2 Unblocked

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Raft Wars 2 Unblocked is a tactical 2D game that runs on the html5 platform. The game is a turn-based tactical action game where the player needs to shoot down opponents using various weapons.

In order to defeat opponents, the player needs to calculate the height and range of the shot. For the most effective destruction of opponents, it is possible to use various weapons that the player receives during the passage of Raft Wars 2 (among these weapons there are rockets, grenades, and more).

Do not forget that Raft Wars 2 is a tactical game. The player is given an attempt to make a shot, and if the enemy was not defeated, then the right to shoot goes to the enemy. You need to correctly use weapons and calculate your ability to conduct each specific battle. The player and his opponent have a health bar, and if the player cannot instantly neutralize the enemy (the enemy can be thrown into the input and this will instantly neutralize him), then the player will have to spend several shots to reduce the opponent's health bar to zero.

During the gameplay, it is also necessary to take into account the behavior of water (since all the action of the game takes place on the water) in order to competently make shots and effectively eliminate the enemy.

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