Extreme Asphalt Car Racing Unblocked

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Extreme Asphalt Car Racing – is an exciting multiplayer game that allows each player to compete in driving a car and find out who does it better at high speed.

The game involves several types of races, from which the user can choose any. There are also tracks of different difficulty levels. You can play alone or have a competition with friends on the global or local network. The gameplay is developing dynamically, and you will have no time to be bored. All the cars available in the game are realistic and colorful, so you are sure to find exactly the car that you like. Some cars are not available at the beginning, so you have to work hard to get them. Each user who wins the race is rewarded with coins, which he can spend on improving his car – change the color, for example, or increase its power, and also can buying a new one.

The music of the game is very dynamic. It further stimulates to win and helps to concentrate on the game.

Feel like a professional racer thanks to this exciting game. Race on the race track, overtake rivals and come to the finish line first. You have a unique opportunity to improve your driving skills, learn new tricks and drift on turns. Here you can always get a dose of drive and adrenaline!

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