Bonk IO Unblocked

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You will definitely enjoy the game Bank IO if you are an active person who is not afraid of competition and loves dynamic developments. It will not let you get bored thanks to a fascinating story, original music and a wide selection of locations.

The main character in the game is a ball. It is it you will control using the keyboard throughout the game play. You can make it jump, move in all directions and even increase its weight. In the game settings you can choose the color you like for your ball, as well as apply an unusual print on it.

This game contains 34 fields, each of which corresponds to a certain mechanics. That's why you have to adapt to new conditions every time. Be patient, because at some intervals of the game you have to constantly move, and at others try to stay still as long as possible.

You will open more and more difficult levels as you progress through the game. Thus, the game will become more and more interesting. You will not get bored, because you will constantly think about how to perform more complex tasks.

The main goal of the game is to neutralize your opponents. You can do this by pushing them out of the playing field or forcing them to come into contact with an obstacle.

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