Crowd City IO Unblocked

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Crowd City IO is a fun multiplayer game that is unlike any other thanks to the original game mechanics.

The user starts the game as a single character that quickly moves around the area and looks for companions who are happy to join him. They begin to run around the city as one big team. And so does every user of the game. Your task is to convince as many characters as possible to follow you and thus create a team that outnumbers the teams of rivals.

At first glance, it may seem that this is a simple game, but it is very exciting. Your character runs around the city in search of characters of neutral color and invites them to his team. Their color changes immediately after they decide to join you.

Hurry up to get ahead of their rivals, because they also run around the city and build their teams. They can easily absorb your crowd in case your team will be smaller. So you again turn into a single player and will be forced to start the game again. However, you also have a chance to gather the largest team and absorb the participants of the crowd, which is smaller than yours in number.

Play a dynamic game, be the fastest and most agile, build the biggest team in the city and be a successful leader with millions of followers.

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