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This game is a unique mix of classic clicker and RPG with a reputation system and many other related things. President Simulator is a special combination of various gameplay elements.

The player in President Simulator will have to take on the role of the President of the United States of America (there is an opportunity to give him a name on your own) and use all available means in order to enrich yourself as much as possible. Click on the screen so that dollars fall to your personal account (here it is presented as a separate location, something like a basement, where you, like Scrooge McDuck, keep all the money you earn).

In order to earn more per unit of time, you should use the progression system. Make upgrades and buy special skills that will allow you to multiply your income in a matter of seconds. You also have access to your personal tablet with which you can develop social skills (for example, through communication with the Presidents of other countries through an analog of Facebook), but do not forget that your attempts to establish relations with the rulers of other countries may fail and will only get worse; you have the opportunity to buy currencies and many other things that will interest you in the process of passing.

President Simulator is a great choice for those who want to spend a pleasant evening playing a clicker with non-standard and interesting gameplay elements that can keep you engaged for hours.

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