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Do you want to have a great time playing interesting fighting games? You should definitely pay attention to Paper Fighter 3D. This game is perfect for sparring with your friend or for a comfortable and interesting single-player game. It should be noted right away – this game is not for noobs.

Put your professional fighter skills to the test in Paper Fighter 3D with two modes: solo fight and fight against another player. There are three types of strikes available to you in combat: a punch, a kick, and a special move. Punch and kick are roughly equal in terms of damage you will inflict on your opponent and attack speed. Here you should combine these blows depending on the position of the enemy. For example, if the opponent is crouched, the best solution here would be to kick and so on. You can also strike at any position of your character in space. In Paper Fighter 3D you can jump, crouch, or just stand.

An ult is also available. During the fight, you (and your opponent, respectively) will accumulate energy. When the energy is accumulated, the indicator will notify you about it and you will be ready to make a super hit. After that, you will need to accumulate the indicator again.

Playing this game with a friend is a great way to relax and test your fighting game skills. Paper Fighter 3D has an interesting design, nice graphics, a flexible combat system, and fun gameplay that will appeal to every player.

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