Handless Millionaire Unblocked

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The game Handless millionaire will allow you to take part in an exciting TV show in which you can get numerous banknotes in a rather dangerous way. You will have to stick your hand into the dangerous device and try to grab the bill before the device with a huge sharp knife will pass in an attempt to cut off your hand. You will have very little time to get the bill. You will also have to observe the position and movement of the device, which can cut off your hand.

You get the opportunity to win big money in just a few seconds, but your hand is at stake. So, if you cannot grab the bill and remove your hand from the guillotine in time, you risk not only losing the opportunity to get rich, but also losing your hand.

Logic is absolutely useless in this game. Here everything is decided by speed and luck. Be extremely careful, because with each subsequent level, the speed of the guillotine increases, which means the chances of losing hands become more and more.

You can play this game absolutely for free. You can control the movements of the hand with the mouse.

Do you want to win a million dollars and at the same time test your skill and dexterity? Then be sure to play the game Handless Millionaire, which will bring a lot of thrills.

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