Jump Jelly Jump Unblocked

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Game Jump Jelly Jump may seem very simple at first glance. But as the game progresses, the player realizes that this opinion is wrong.

You will control a small piece of soft jelly. Your main task is to pass all the unexpected obstacles and not be crushed on the way to victory. Beams, blocks and other objects get in your way unexpectedly and you have to be nimble and shifty enough to dodge them in time.

You are awarded points and your protective abilities increase in case of successful passage of obstacles of a certain level. However, it is worth considering that the complexity also increases with the transition from level to level.

Be very careful to have time to make the jump in time and not be crushed, otherwise the game will be over. The appearance of obstacles is impossible to predict, so only your attention and reaction speed will help you get the victory in this game.

There are no bright colors in the game, so you will not be distracted from the gameplay and your attention will be directed only to the obstacles that appear. Different colors are typical for each new level. A calm soundtrack accompanies the gameplay. Concentrate, get ready for an exciting game and go to victory!

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