Ragdoll IO Unblocked

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Ragdoll IO is a very fun game in which the player controls the doll in the space arena. The game has two modes: classic and endless. You can make your choice in favor of one of them before you start the gameplay.

48 exciting levels of varying difficulty await you if you choose the classic game mode. You will have to perform certain tasks in each new level, such as not to lose a life and to strike the opponent within a few seconds. Perform as many strikes on your opponent and deftly dodge him to win. Try to apply numerous blows to the head of the enemy, as this area is the most vulnerable on his body. However, do not forget to protect your head, as the enemy can inflict a crushing blow on you. You can control the movement and actions of the character with the mouse.

The player receives points for each successful completion of a level in classic mode or for each attack of an opponent in infinite mode. These coins will help you upgrade your character or purchase a new one. There are 8 different skins available in the game.

The game is very simple and helps to get rid of stress and have fun. In addition to these advantages, it has nice graphics. Experiment and try new tricks. Find your own way to victory.

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