Vampire Survivors Unblocked

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In Vampire Survivors game the player is invited to fight off hordes of the undead at the selected location. Monsters drop blue crystals that must be picked up to fill the experience bar. Upon reaching 100%, a selection window appears from several abilities, from which you can choose one.

And so again and again. The monsters are getting stronger, there are more and more of them, but the player character is also getting stronger. True, no matter how pumped the hero is, at some point hundreds of zombies will surround and tear the player to pieces. The game is over.

But this time you managed to kill the required number of ghouls, and also upgraded some ability to a certain level. So the next time you launch the game, new perks and playable heroes will become available to you, each with its own basic features.

And then there is nothing left but to restart the same location. It’s interesting to test the newly discovered “magic”, and this skill needs to be tested, what if it helps to survive in the midst of enemies? And in the process of passing, you understand that skills can also be combined to get something so ultimatum that it certainly will not leave hundreds of enemies a single chance.

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