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A minimalistic runner that is performed in black-and-white colors. OvO provides the gamer the opportunity of being creative and inventive. The gamer needs to find the best strategy to reach the finish line. The faster the gamer presses the buttons, the more chances to reach the finish quickly.

The gameplay involves travelling in similar black-and-white locations. Each level has its own platforms and walls. The task is to overcome all the obstacles to reach the finish with a flag. Time is important in OvO. You will have competitors on each level. You will see the shadow that is running behind or in front of you.

The gamer doesn’t need to use special equipment for gaming. All the manipulations are being done with the help of arrows. It is important to press the right button to smash the floors to get down. Be careful in order not to fall down. In this case, you will have to start from the very beginning.

OvO is a simple runner where the gamer needs a good reaction. The faster it is, the more chances he will have to beat the record time. In the main menu, one can choose the level. One can do it in case the level was opened beforehand. You can try to beat the record as many times as you want, until you set the best time.

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