One Escape Unblocked

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A criminal game where the main task is to escape from prison. The game opens with a story about three friends who made up their minds to rob the bank. Unfortunately, they were caught by the police and were sent to the prison. Going from level to level, they need to find the exit.

Each level has various difficulties. It includes police officers, electricity protection and many others. The task is to reach the door to go to another building. The gamer will need to hide in order not to be caught by the officer. At the same time, it is possible to find the keys to open some doors.

The gameplay of the game includes different combinations on the keyboard. You can move the character with the help of the arrows left and right. In the game One Escape, you can also need to collaborate with the surrounding. You need to turn off the electricity protection on almost every level.

Besides, the gamer needs to be rather careful in order not get caught by the police officer. You need to choose the right moment to hide using the letter E on the keyboard. A good reaction and strategy are the most important things if you want to succeed in One Escape. It is performed in dark colors that make the atmosphere of the prison real and adventurous.

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