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An unusual game where you can check your skills in typing the text. It is a combination of an action and brainstorming. As for the gameplay in Typing Fighter, it is quite easy and evident. You are going to see the rivals on your way. Your task is to fight with them and kill them. The only problem is that you will do it in a bit strange way.

All the shots in the game are being done by typing the text. You are moving along the street and meet bastards. Your task is to fight with them. When you approach to the following rival, you see the motivating text on the screen. The task us to print it as soon as possible. The faster you print it, the fewer chances your opponent has to shot you.

The game is beautifully colored. The street is so bright. You will get additional points for making perfect shots. In other words, if you print everything correctly and quickly, you will get some extra points.

In Typing Fighter, you need to use all the keyboard. When you see the text on the screen, start it printing as fast as you could. Please, be careful as the mistakes give the chance to your opponent to hit you. If you make a mistake, you can go back using the backspace. This is a game where you can think fast and type fast simultaneously.

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