Bullet Party 2 Unblocked

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Bullet Party 2 is a multiplayer computer game where everything comes from the first person, which gives more realism. This game is suitable for Counter Strike fans because they have a lot in common. This is an unlocked game and has good graphics.

Fights between terrorists and special forces do not cease in the Bullet Party. They unfold on classic Counter-Strike cards. You perform operations in the desert, metro and port. The faithful AK-47 helps to score frags and achieve the goal. Arsenal does not end there. You run with Desert Eagle, MP5, Stw-25, sniper rifle, grenade launcher and knife. The time of the round does not last forever. You destroy the opponents, or die from a bullet.

The game offers three modes: each for itself, capturing the flag and team deathmatch. In the server settings indicate the limit of kills, ping and the number of players. You can play against real opponents, as well as with bots.

How to control the game?

Management is quite familiar for those who have previously played similar games.

  • WASD - move
  • Shift - Run
  • Spacebar - Jump
  • C - crouch
  • J - throw ammunition
  • H - throw the first aid kit
  • Left mouse button - shoot.
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