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In Bullet Force there is a huge number of functions that are bought for donation or you can personalize weapons. This is an unlocked game that is available for any computer. There are various skins and coloring pages for any type of weapon, and it is possible to customize the scope, barrel and install other interesting features. For example, a green or red laser. All products are bought for donation, which you can get in the game itself.

You can choose one of the proposed options:

  • deadly battle;
  • conquest;
  • every man for himself;
  • arms race.

The application graphics are not great, but the weapons are implemented at a high level. During the game, you can look at the map for the convenience of the player. For example, in Drone mode you can see the opponents. In the game, you can quickly change weapons that do not interfere with the game process. For using certain weapons you get bonuses. After completing one of the above modes, you pump the level and open new weapons.

You can get to various locations, ranging from a regular office to Japanese landscapes. It doesn't matter if you are fighting alone or as a team, your goal is to get points that increase the rating and discover new abilities.

At the end of the round you get a certain amount of points, you can accumulate a certain amount to buy the item that you need.

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