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Cookie Clicker game is available on all operating systems, which allows anyone to play and it’s an unblocked game.

What is the meaning of the game?

On the monitor you see a large cookie that you need to click on as fast as possible. The amount of cookies you receive will depend on your speed. Also on the scoreboard you can see the amount of cookies (which is always increasing) and the amount of cookies that you get per second. With an increase in clicks, the speed can increase significantly.

In addition, in time you open some of the game's chips. For example, in the “More” section, by viewing ads or by following several social networks, you get a fixed amount of cookies. In the same section there are other games of this creator. You can play with friends and compete in speed.

Why do I need to collect cookies?

You can exchange it in the "Shop" section for some items that will increase your position in the ranking. For example, choosing “AutoClick” you increase the speed of getting cookies, which you get automatically, without even clicking on the cookie on the main screen but you must be in the application, otherwise, everything stops. You can see detailed statistics, where there will be a total amount of speech delivered, speed, number of clicks made and much more.


We have update Cookie Clicker Unblocked to HTML5 version. Have fun!

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