Vex 7 Unblocked

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The game is presented as an adventurous runner. The task is similar to other games of this kind. You need to reach the finish line as soon as possible. The task is complicated because of various obstacles given on each level. You need to avoid them in order not to lose the time.

The actions in Vex 7 are performed with the arrows. You can run with them using the left and the right arrow. Jumping is being done with the up arrow, sliding with the down arrow. You need to change these buttons rather quickly to jump on the walls or to slide under other dangerous elements.

Each level is characterized by its peculiar construction. The boosters can be different from level to level so as the obstacles. You need to choose the route carefully. Some of the elements given on each level can lead the main character exactly to death.

On the main page of the game Vex 7, you can choose various looks of the character. You can also take part in daily events. It makes the gaming process exciting. You can compete there to win additional prizes. You can also take part in tower of fear where you can get extra bonuses of the game. It is a good chance to unblock unique skins of the character. Some of them can’t be bought and could be got only in this kind of the competition.

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