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Vex 6 is an amazing browser indie platformer. In this game, you play for a stikman that goes through a variety of acts, jumping on high platforms, avoiding the various obstacles encountered along the way. The game’s control is simple: move with arrowkeys or WASD. You need to slide under dangerously low spikes, jump from side to side to get up, avoid obstacles that appear from the ground, fly with a kite, use platforms wisely and even more.

Vex 6 has sixty-four skins, and they are divided into five categories. Common has fourteen skins, Uncommon has fifteen skins, Rare has fourteen skins, Ultra rare has fourteen skins and Legendary has seven skins. You can’t get any specific skin, you can only get a random skin from the group. While running on platforms, collect coins to buy new skins, as well as stars, thanks to which you will be able to get a skin for free.

In Vex 6 there are ten acts and nine hardcore acts that can only be passed by, getting three stars for a simple act, and for each act you get an achievement. Luckily, the game has checkpoint. You have to be careful, you’re going to have to face a lot of different obstacles that you have to get around, because if you fall down, fall down from a great height and hit a platform or get damaged from an obstacle, you will start from a checkpoint. The game has daily tacks and daily bonus stage, don’t forget to pass them.

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