Space Blaze 2 Unblocked

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Space Blaze 2 is a popular unblocked game whose goal is to shoot at the enemy. Everything happens vertically, other ships will try to bring you down, what you have to do.

You fight with a huge number of spaceships of various ranks, starting with ordinary spacecraft ending with bosses, where you need to make a lot of effort to win.

Compared to the first part of the game, this one has a lot of new updates: improved ships, weapons, enemies. In order to play the game you need to control your ship using a computer mouse or keyboard, depending on what you prefer to use. You can safely move around the entire field, even going into enemy borders.

In order to fight the strongest boss, you should destroy the usual ships of the enemies. Killing every spaceship, you get credits. These star credits need to be accumulated in order to be able to purchase more advanced spacecraft that differ withstand the enemy attack, they are more reliable.

In addition, the game has a Nightmare Mode, which will completely immerse you in another world. The game in this mode is much more difficult to complete due to the fact that it is dark and unexpected situations can wait for you.

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