Granny Unblocked

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Granny unblocked is available for almost any PC, each of the operating systems. Granny is an unlocked game that can scare even very brave people. This game will make you tense and tickle your nerves.

The game will begin with the fact that you wake up in a room in an unknown dark house. The door is not locked, you can safely exit, but is it worth it? Granny is waiting for you outside the door, she wanders around the house with a bat in her hands, and is looking for those who would blow her brains out. I warn you, Granny hears everything. As soon as you touch something from the interior of the furniture, it will rush in full steam.

The graphics perfectly underline all this gloomy atmosphere of this awful house. The house is a kind of labyrinth, with a bunch of rooms. In some you can find things without which you can’t get out of there. Granny will always be somewhere nearby, constantly need to hide, sit out until she leaves.

By the way, her steps are clearly audible, and playing with headphones you are more likely to survive hearing her in advance. You have only 5 attempts. After Grandma catches you for the fifth time you are finished, the game will start again. With each new attempt, your character after the beatings will be lame, move slower, all this will affect your game.

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