Build and Crush Unblocked

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Build and Crush Unblocked is the game in the Minecraft style. It has several modes: Crush, Build, and Multiplayer (currently in beta).

Crush Mode

In this mode, you can destroy already built objects. For example, it can be a house with a tree or a car with ice cream. You can destroy objects with explosives, plane crashes, tornadoes, or even meteorites!

Build Mode

Classic Minecraft-style construction mode. You can choose from blocks of stone, wood, grass or glass. Here you can build anything you want!

Multiplayer Mode

This mode is still under testing. In this mode you will have to fight with other opponents on various maps. Available weapons include a pistol, machine gun, rocket launcher, and grenades. However, after death, the game does not end! You can turn into a zombie and continue to hunt for still living enemies.

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